Intuitive – Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; Instinctive.

We are born with everything we need to avoid potentially dangerous situations and people. We carry in our bellies precisely the tools we need to be happy, fulfilled creatures with others that will fulfill us the most.  Our hearts know the life paths and careers that we are meant to own and stir and tend to until they pulse with awesomeness and brilliance.  We are all creative beings that long for these type of experiences.

Sadly, we spend years unlearning and disowning those tools.  We are untaught by our culture, our schools, and for some, our families. We quiet our voices.  We smooth our dresses.  We look away.  Instead of embracing the gut feelings that scream run, we dismiss lifesaving instincts and premonitions and curse our anxiety and lack of commitment.  We ignore to a fault, and give complete strangers, perhaps predators, and people who have no inkling of our talents, the benefit of the doubt.  We let them take possession of our bodies, our space, our well-being, our minds, and sometimes our lives.  We date, partner, and commit to the wrongs jobs, people, and life choices against all better judgment, silencing the little voice that says, “There’s something wrong.  This is not what you need.”

Intuitive Self Defense is not just about keeping you from bodily harm, although that is certainly part of it. Intuitive Self Defense is about being protective of all of yourself, your mind, your time, your precious life force.  We give up too much to others who would gladly take.

Intuitive Self Defense is meant to wake you up.

Photo Credit: Unknown/Public Domain

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"Above All, Refuse to be a Victim." -Margaret Atwood